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Om konserten

Bjarte Eike og musikerne i Barokksolistene åpner opp for et videre musikalsk perspektiv og sjangre gjennom deres ukonvensjonelle måte å nærme seg både barokkmusikken, fremførelsen og publikum på.  Med et ensemble som består av musikere blant de fremste på sine instrumenter i Norden og Europa og med musikk som har røtter flere hundre år tilbake i tid, gir de musikken nytt liv og aktualitet.

Barokksolistene ble grunnlagt av den norske fiolinisten Bjarte Eike i 2005, og er nå anerkjent som en av verdens mest dynamiske og spennende ensembler som arbeider innen tidligmusikkfeltet. Med et konstant driv etter å nå ut til nye publikummere, lidenskap for å engasjere seg i folkemusikk, eksperimentell musikk, improvisasjon, visuell kunst, dans og historiefortelling har de gjennom utsolgte konserter over hele verden gitt publikum unike opplevelser.

Bjarte Eike

(NO): violin, vocals, artistic director

Bjarte is the co-founder and artistic director of Barokksolistene, and is the driving force in developing the groups’ various projects. Bjarte has created soundtracks for major film-projects and likes to collaborate with people from the various fields within the arts.

In addition to playing the fiddle, Bjarte enjoys Bikram yoga, believes he is a music-conductor, and flirts with the art of molecular gastronomy in his kitchen at home.

Fredrik Bock

(SE): guitar, charango, vocals

Fredrik is a highly sought-after soloist and continuo-player in Scandinavia and Europe. His rhythmical and infectious approach to playing the guitar, lute, theorbo and charango reflects his secret dream of being a blue-grass musician. Freddy used to play tennis – training professionally with some of Sweden’s most successful players but chose to play the lute instead.

Hans Knut Sveen 

(NO): harmonium, cembalo, vocals

Hans Knut is one of Norway’s top keyboard players. He is the founder of the group Bergen Barokk, he has toured with numerous European ensembles, and is the Pro-Dean at the Art, Music and Design faculty at the University in Bergen. When touring with the Alehouse Sessions, he becomes his alter-ego, Hanzi; our preferred tour-manager.

Helge Andreas Norbakken

(NO): percussion, vocals

Helge started his professional career as a jazz-drummer but has over the years developed his very own style of playing, where he combines rhythmical patterns found in the West African Wolof tradition with his highly developed skills as an improvisor. Helge likes to shoot portraits of photo-models and loves driving steam trains (the real ones – not the model-type).

Milos Valent

(SK): violin, viola, vocals

Milos is one of the most prominent figures on the European early music scene. He runs his own orchestra, Solamente Naturale and is a strong musical ambassador for Slovakia. His main interest, however, is to find and eat mushrooms.

Johannes Lundberg

(SE): double bass, vocals

Johannes has his musical roots in jazz, and aside from being a member of various jazz-groups, he is always seeking to master other musical styles. Johannes is the part-owner of a music-studio where he works as a tone-meister. He also is a semi-feminist, part-time vegetarian and runs half-marathons.

Per Buhre

(SE): viola, vocals

Per is a multitalented artist. He works as violinist across Europe, is the artistic director of the free music theatre group “Utomjordiska”, teaches improvisation, plays the Fender Rhodes, composes and works as a DJ and photographer. In the Alehouse sessions he gets to play the viola.

Steven Player 

(UK): guitar, dance, vocals

Steven is known across the world as a dancer/guitarist/performer, and has been on the main stage of the early music world for more than 20 years. His street-theatre background, and curiosity have been main elements in forming his very personal and expressive approach to the performance of music and dance. Steve is still saving up money to get his front tooth fixed and is the proud owner of three Rover cars.

Thomas Guthrie

(UK): lead vocals, violin

Thomas is an award-winning director, actor, musician, writer and is the founder of the GOTcompany.  Tom is blessed with an enormous creativity that leads him into developing  one exciting project after the other.  In the Alehouse sessions Tom is the main singer, and has, after hard negotiations, been allowed to take up playing the violin again. Tom enjoys running bare-foot for charity.

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